We are proud to be a gathering place for the community, and to welcome families as well as pets into our venue. However, first and foremost, this is an adult space. It is not a park or a playground. We kindly ask that you follow our rules so everyone can enjoy this space. No one – adult, child, or pet – should disrupt anyone else’s experience at metrobar.  We also support local brands, work hard to be rain and weather protected as an outdoor venue, and welcome you to host your events with us. Check out our FAQs below for more answers.

Support Local

Our focus is on the amazing local beer, wine, cider, seltzer, and spirits brands here in the District and the greater DMV. Our menu solely highlights these great partners, and we invite and encourage you to enjoy the local libations made right here at home!

Ordering via QR

For the fastest service, use the QR code at the table and we will deliver your drinks to you. You can access the Menu here.

You are welcome to walk up to the railcar bar or the container bar to order directly from our bartenders, or for off-menu items, but we strongly encourage patrons to utilize the QR system and try our craft cocktails.


Pets are welcome at metrobar! We have dog bowls available as well as doggy treats for purchase. They must be on a fixed length leash at all times (6’ max) and are not allowed in any interior spaces, such as the train car or bathrooms. If they have an accident, please notify staff immediately.

Children & Families

Families are welcome at metrobar! Children must be within arms length under direct supervision of their guardian at all times.


Except for certain events, the venue is 21 & over after 8pm. Patrons with children who are already in the bar will be given some flexibility to leave, but no one will be allowed in after 8pm unless they are 21 & over.


We do not allow toys that cause any temporary or permanent marks on our guests or property, such as: chalk, yard games, balls, etc.

Reservations & Walk-ins

Walk-ins are welcome! Reservations are not required unless specifically stated for specific events. We do accept reservations for certain areas of the bar. Please see Tock and our Reservation page for details.

Band & DJ inquiries

Email info@metrobardc.com to learn how to play at metrobar. Please share a blurb about yourself or your band, your social media handle(s), and sample video/audio.

Food Trucks & Vendors

Click here for our Food Truck and vendor schedule. We are also adjacent to the new Bryant Street Market food hall.


If you are interested in becoming a food vendor, email info@metrobardc.com to learn how to serve at metrobar. Please share a copy of your menu, social media handle(s) and affirmation that you have the proper licensing and permits to vend.

Craft Vending

Email info@metrobardc.com for inquiries about vending your products at metrobar. Please share a blurb about your products, your social handle(s), and a link to your website. We will share your information with our vending partners to follow-up.

Trivia and Music

  • Stay up-to-date on our upcoming events by visiting our Events Page, checking our Eventbrite, following @metrobardc on Instagram, and subscribing to our email newsletter (located at the bottom of the Home Page).
  • Trivia is every Thursday beginning at 7:30pm.
  • Live Music is every Friday starting at 7pm or 8pm depending on the season (see Events Page).
  • DJs are every Saturday night and select Sunday afternoons/evenings.
  • Karaoke is bi-monthly.

Cake for Parties

Outside food is accepted at metrobar. However, we are unable to refrigerate any perishable items. We require a heads up though if you plan to bring cake or cupcakes as a part of your group reservation or event.  Please inform your event contact about this request.

Outside Food & Drinks

Outside food is accepted at metrobar. However, we have regular Food Trucks & Vendors at the venue, and our new neighbor is the Bryant Street Market food hall.


Outside alcohol is absolutely prohibited. Outside drinks for children are permissible under certain circumstances, as are items purchased from our food trucks.

Bikes & Scooters

There is bike and scooter parking available outside metrobar and to the east and west along Bryant Street. Bikes and scooters are not allowed in the venue.

Rain & Weather

We offer many different covered areas, including our deck and platform around the railcar. Our main bar area also has a retractable rain shade system to protect from light rains.

In the winter, we have the heated railcar plus we enclose and heat our two large decks to keep you warm and cozy. We also have electric and gas heaters throughout, wood campfires, and hot cocktails.

Parking & Transportation

We are located one block west of the skybridge from the Rhode Island Ave-Brentwood Metro to the Metropolitan Branch Trail, and 1/2 block north of Rhode Island Ave NE behind The Chase at Bryant Street.

Paid parking is available in the Premium Parking surface lot directly adjacent to our venue and in the garage below us.

Host an Event

Absolutely! Visit our Private Bookings page to start the planning process.

Charged Twice (pre-authorization)

You may see more than one charge on your credit card. One of those charges may be a $15 pre-authorization charge that is refunded within 24-48 hours. The other charge will be for your drinks. If you have a question about your bill, email info@metrobardc.com and we can share your receipt with you.


We are a NO SMOKING venue throughout the entire space, unless otherwise stated for a special event. As a courtesy to other guests, we do not permit cigarettes, cigars, vaping, marijuana, or smoking of any type at metrobar.

Lost & Found

Email info@metrobardc.com and describe your lost item. We will let you know if we have it.


Gratuity is not included, however, we will automatically add 20% to your bill if you do not close your tab before leaving.

21 & Over

metrobar is primarily a 21 & over venue. Children and families are welcome, as long as those under 21 are accompanied by a parent or guardian and it is before 8pm. After 8pm the venue is strictly 21 & over.


Join the metrobar crew! Hospitality in Transit, the team behind metrobar, is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to providing a distinctly-DC hospitality and community building experience. If you are interested in current employment, please click here and see our openings.