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The mission of metrobar is to connect people with DC culture through entertaining, collaborative, arts-driven, and authentic experiences.

Our venue features intimate and life-sized art installations, from the railcar itself to our murals, stage, screens, and other programmable segments. Our focus is local, both on the products we sell and the artists we highlight, from our block, through the surrounding neighborhood, and into the greater DMV area.

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The metrobar Story

metrobar’s founders are a rag-tag group of freethinkers who set out to create a social space that would defy convention. We love DC culture, good people, and mixing it up.


You ask why? We ask why not? We looked at an old Metro car and saw the potential to create a space where people from all sides of the track could gather,  relax with amazing drinks, and enjoy themselves.


Whether you’re coming or going, metrobar is your stop.


Situated on an 11,000 square foot outdoor venue, and built inside a refurbished 5000-series Metro railcar at the Rhode Island Avenue Metro station, our multi-purpose bar, and cultural venue provides an arts-driven space meant to connect people across the community and celebrate DC’s rich history and culture.


640 Rhode Island Ave NE

Washington, DC

Thursday 4PM – 12AM
Friday 4PM – 12AM
Saturday 12PM – 12AM
Sunday 12PM – 10PM

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